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Company Profile
  • Business Type:
    Quarry Owner, Factory, Exporter
  • Main Products:
    Marble Roman Grey,G684 black granite tile,marble boder line,Marble water jet Medallions,Wall Relief Panel,Marble Slabs,
  • Country/Region:
    45 China
  • Established:
    Dec 29, 2007
  • NO. of Employees:
    5 ~ 50
  • Annual Turnover:
    US$ 2.5 ~ 5 Million
  • Authentication:
    ISO 9001:2000
  • √ Certificates
Abigale Li
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We supply the Aran Beige Marble/Aran White Extra Marble Walling Tiles,Colums,Staires,Skirting,Raillings and Medallions for this whole Projects
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  • Baroque Beige Marble Slabs,New Marble Slabs,Gansaw Slabs,Marble-Slabs,Cut-To-Size Marble,Turkey Marble Slabs,Building Material,Marble Stone Slabs,Marble for Wall Covering & Flooring
  • Golden Siena Marble Slabs,Golden Rose Marble,Beige Marble Flooring Tiles,Sitting Room Marble Tiles,Hotel Tiles,Bilecik Beige Marble Tiles
  • Cream Marfil Slabs,Crema Marfil Standard 2cm Slabs,Crema Marfil Ivory Polished Slabs,Crema Marfil Florido Marble Slabs,Crema Marfil Aitana Marble Tiles & Slabs,Pacific Marfil Slabs,Beige Marble Slabs
  • Beige Marble Laminated Tiles,New Royal Botticino Marble Tiles,Marble Walling Tiles,Hotel Lobby Marble Medallion Tiles,Corridor Marble Tiles,Luxury Marble Walling Tiles,Bathroom Walling Panel
  • Roman Grey Marble Slabs,Grey Marble Slabs,Gray Marble Tiles,New Marble,Roma Grey Marble Slabs,Roman Ash Marble Tiles,Rome Grey Marble Tiles,China Supplier,Big Marble Slabs,China Gray Marble,Marble Til
  • Oman Beige Marble Slabs,Omani Beige Marble Tiles& Slabs,Sohar Beige Marble Slabs,Victoria Beige Marble,Omani Marfil Marble Walling Tiles,Oman Beige Marble Flooring Tiles,2cm Beige Marble Polished Slab
  • Venus Gray Marble Flooring Tiles,China Venus Grey Polished Tiles,Gray Marble Floor Covering Tiles,Grey Marble Bathroom Tiles,Venus Ashes Marble,Gray Marble Wall Tiles,China Gray Marble Wall Cladding
  • Louis Xiii Beige Marble Tiles,Louis Xiii Marble Slabs & Tiles,Louis Xiii Beige Marble Flooring Tiles,Louis Beige Marble Walling Stone,40*40 Polished Marble Tiles,60*60 Marble Tiles,Marble Cut to Size
  • Prague Grey Marble Slabs&Tile,Customized China Grey Marble Panel for Floor Covering&Wall Cladding,Interior Decoration,Chinese Grey Marble for Hotel&Mall Hall,Popular&Hot Sale Marble,A Grade Marble
  • Golden Rose Marble Wall Reliefs,Polished Marble Engravings,Beige Marble Wall Etching Carving,Natural Stone Laser Engraving,Bali Stone Man Made Engravings Relief Design,Wall Carvings,Europe Relief
  • Beige Marble Relief Carving,Wall Relief &Etching&Chinese Grey Granite, Handcarved Relief&Engraving,Relief Design,Marble Wall Relief & Etching,Stone Engravings
  • Aran Beige Marble Colum Relief,Aran White Extra Marble Colum Carving,Hand Carved White Marble Colum,Magnolia Beige Marble Colum Coppings,Stone Colum Base Panel with Engravings,Wall Relief,Colum Etch
  • Onyx Stone Relief,Red Onyx Wall Cladding Panel with Engraving Design,Hotel Wall Cladding Stone with Carving Relief,Wall Carvings,Europe Relief Style,Onyx Relievos,Stone Wall Reliefs,Etching Wall Panel
  • Cream Marfil Marble Wall Relief,Crema Marfil Ivory Marble Wall Panel with Engravings,Crema Marfil Florido Etching Wall Tile for Hotel/Villa & Lobby,Crema Marfil Classico Wall Engraving Tiles,Wall Tile
  • White Sand Beige Limestone Fireplace Relief,Hand Carving Stone Fireplace,White Fireplace with Relief Carving,Fireplace Engravings,Relief Decoration for Fireplaces,Stone Etching,Stone Relief Design
  • Bianco Tipo Statuarietto White Marble Embossments,Statuarietto Venato White Marble Relief Tiles,Venato Carrara White Marble Engravings,Church Marble Wall Carving,Temple Wall Shadow,Religion Marble Til
  • Golden Rose Marble Relief,Marble Wall Cladding Relief,Marble Wall Engravings,Relief Marble Carving Etching,Beige Marble Carving Relief for Wall or Post, Beige Marble Reliefs,Fireplace Relief Carving
  • Bianco Statuarietto White Marble Relief,Bianco Carrara Statuarietto White Marble Carving,Statuarietto Venato Column Carving,Bianco Carrara Venato Wall Relief,White Marble Church Wall Embossment,Tiles
  • Cream Marfil Marble Wall Relief,Crema Marfil Standard Border Line Carvings,Pacific Marfil Engraving Skirting,Hand Carved Marble Wall Relief,Church Wall Etching,Marble Border Trim Shadow,Embossments
  • G684 Blocks,Black Granite Blocks,Chinese Black Granite Blocks,Fuding Black Granite Blocks
  • Marble Golden Rose Blocks,Beige Marble Blocks
  • Sanburen Beige Marble Block,Beige Marble Blocks,Turkey Marble Blocks,Marble-Blocks
  • Roman Grey Marble Blocks,China Grey Marble Blocks,Gray Marble Blocks,Marble Blocks,Marble Cutting Block,Grey Marble Slabs,Grey Marble
  • Ash Grey Marble Blocks,Roman Grey Marble Blocks,Gray Marble Blocks ,China Gray Marble Blocks
  • Ottoman Beige Marble Steps,Polished Marble Stair with Anti Slip, Bullnose Round Long Edge, Treads and Risers,Step Stone,Standing Stone,Marble Staircase,Luxury Marble Steps, Indoor Stair Threashold
  • Aran White Marble Wall Coverings,Engraved Stone Wall Reliefs,Marble Etching Wall Reliefs,Hotel Lobby Wall Covering,Villa Wall Tiles,3d Wall Relief, Engraving Ideas,Laminated 3d Wall Tiles,Carving Wall
  • Marble Wall Tile,Marble Wall Cladding Panel,Marble Wall Relief, Marble Wall Carving Panel,Honyx Walling Tile,Tv Background Decoration,Lobby Walling Tile,Wall Covering Tiles,Indoor Decoration
  • Cream Travertine Walling Tiles,3d Wall Panels,White Travertine Walling Tiles,Thin Laminated Travertine Tiles,Hotel Wall Tiles,Reception Backgound Walling Tiles,Travertine Bathroom Tiles
  • Golden Rose Marble Railling,Beige Marble Staircase Rails,Polished Marble Handrail,Jinmeigui Marble Balustrades,Kingpost,Handrail,Balcony Raillings,Carved Raillings
  • Golden Rose Marble Wall Panel,Beige Marble Walling Tiles,Laminated Marble Wall Cladding,Natural Stone Wall Slabs,Building Ornaments
  • Golden Beige Marble Colum,Sunny Gold Marble Colum,Beige Marble Colum/Marble Column Pillars Caps, Beige Marble Architectural Columns,Marble Pillar Top,Stone Carving,Temple Colum,Lobby Colum
  • Ottoman Beige Marble Colum,Petma Ottoman Beige Marble Colum,Polished Marble Columns,Architectural Columns,Building Decorative,Building Stone,Natural Stone Column,Stone Pillar,Interior Stone Colum
  • Royal Batticino Marble Colum,Beige Marble Colum,House Pillars Design,Roman Pillars Column,Marble Column Pillars Caps, Beige Marble Architectural Columns,Marble Colum,Arching Colum,Arc Marble Colum
  • Wooden Vein Marble Colum,Marble Colum,Stone Colum,Wooden Line Marble Colum,Silver Beige Dark,Guizhou Wooden Grain,Guizhou Wooden Line Marble,Polished Marble Colum,Rom Colum
  • Golden Imperial Marble Medallions,Emperor Gold Marble Tiles,Golden Imperial Medallions,Imperial Gold Marble Big Medallions,Large Flooring Water Jet Medallion,Hotel Lobby Large Waterjet Marble Medallio
  • Multicolor Marble Medallions,Hotel Looby Medallions,Mosaic Medallions,Special Design Medallions Tiles,Cnc Flower Marble Medallion,Thin Laminated Marble Medallions,Waterjet Medallions,Marble Medallions
  • Marble Waterjet Medallion,Cnc Flower Marble Medallion,Composited Medallion,Honeycomb Panel Medallions,White Marble Flooring Medallion,Marble Pattern,Beige Marble Round Medallion,Green Marble Medallion
  • Golden Rose Marble Medallion,Multicolor Waterjet Medallions,Marble Floor Medallions,Interior Decoration
  • Golden Rose Marble Moulding,Polished Marble Skirting,Beige Marble Pencil Liner,Yellow Marble Boder Decos,Marble Border,Turkey Marble Golden Rose Bullnose Moldings
  • Eurasian Veined Marble Waterjet Medallions,Eurasian Wooden Marble Tiles,Eurasian Wood Grain Marble Laminated Tiles,Wood Marble Tiles,Wood Grain Royal Marble Tiles,Gray Marble Laminated Tiles,Medallion
  • Eurasian Veined Marble Tiles,Eurasian Wooden Marble Waterjet Medallions,Greek Wood Vein Marble Flooring Tiles,White Marble Waterjet Pattern,Round Marble Medallions,Laminated Marble Medallions
  • Aran White Extra Marble,Marble Medallions,Victory Beige Marble Medallions,Marble Water-Jet Medallions,Laminated Water Jet Patterns,Marble Water Jet Medallion / Water Jet Pattern for Hotel Hall and Lob
  • Marble Waterjet Medallion Border,Marble Waterjet Molding & Border/ Skirting/ Border Decos / Trim / Pencil Liners / Faux Stone,Emperador Light Waterjet Boder,White Marble Skirting,Marble Inlay Waterjet
  • Emperador Light Marble Molding,Polished Marble Border Decos/Brown Marble Stone Liner,Polished Stone Skirting,Rope Moldings,Brown Marble Border Decos,Emperador Light Marble Crown Mouldings,Bullnosed Sk
  • G684 Black Granite Kitchen Countertops,China Absolute Black Granite Custom Countertops,China Black Granite Kitchen Worktops,China Black Pearl Granite Polished Countertops,2cm Black Granite Bench Tops
  • Golden Rose Marble Kitchen Countertops,Polished Marble Kitchen Worktops,Yellow Marble Laminated Counter Tops,Beige Marble Custom Countertops/Turky Marble Kitchen Top
  • G684 Black Granite Countertop Splash,China Black Pearl Splashes for Kitchen Countertops,China Black Granite Kitchen Island Countertops Units & Splashes,Black Granite Customized Countertops with Splash
  • Granite Countertops/Kitchen Countertops/Baltic Brown Granite Countertops/Polished Granite Kitchen Worktops/Kitchen Countertops 96"X26"
  • Granite Bathroom Vanity Tops,Grey Granite Vanitie Slabs,Granite Bath Top,Granite Bathtoom Countertop
  • G664 Granite Bathroom Vanity Tops,Red Granite Polished Bathroom Countertops,Peach Granite Vanity Tops,Laminated Granite Bathroom Tops,Cheap Granite Bathroom Vanity Tops,China Granite Vanity Tops,Stone
  • G439 Batroom Vanity Tops,Polished Granite Custom Vanity Tops,Laminated Granite Bathtoom Countertops,Natural Stone Batroom Solid Surface,Granite Bat Tops,Engineered Stone Bathroom Vanity Tops,Granite
  • Peach Red Granite Kitchen Countertops,Chinese Granite Kitchen Worktops,Cheach Granite Kitchen Countertops,Polished Granite Kitchen Island Tops,Laminated Countertops,Bullnosed Granite Countertops
  • G682 Granite Countertops,Yellow Granite Kitchen Countertops,Polished Granite Kitchen Worktops,Sunset Gold Granite Countertops,Laminated Bullnose Countertops,Granite Kitchen Back Splash,Kitchen Bar Top
  • Shanxi Black Granite Sinks/Black Granite Wash Basin and Bathroom Sink/Round Black Granite Wash Basin and Bathroom Sink/ Washbasin / Bathroom Sink/Vessel Sinks/Wash Bowls
  • Flamed Black Granite Courtyard Pavers,G684 Black Granite Cube Stone,China Black Granite Driveway Paving Stone,China Black Pearl Flamed Walkway Pavers,Flamed Finished Cube Stone,Puma Black Cobble Stone
  • G684 Black Granite Cubestone,15x15x5cm Flamed Cubestone,G684 Black Granite Walkway Pavers,China Black Pearl Flamed Paver,China Absolut Granite Cobble Stone,Diamond Black Granite Pavements,Driveway Pav
  • Flamed Black Granite Kerbstone,Dark Grey Granite Kerbstone for Usa,Granite Curstone,Cheap Granite Kerb Stone,Curved Curbs,Straight Kerb Stone,Walk Way Granite Kerbstone
  • Pophyry Red Granite Cubestone,Pavers,Natural Spilt,Flamed,Sawn Cut Paving Stone,Cobble Stone,Granite Paving Stone,Red Granite Pavers
  • G682 Granite Mosaics,G682 Granite Paving Stones, Sunset Gold Granite Cubestones,Granite Net Mosacs,G682 Cobble Stone,10*10 Granite Pavers,Fan Shaped Mosaics,Red Granite Mosaics,Walk Way Mosaic Pavers
  • Black Granite Curved Kerbstone,Flamed Granite Curbstone,Grey Granite Curbs, Side Stone, Curbs, Road Stone, Curb Stone
  • G603 Granite Parking Stone,Grey Garden Stone,Parking Curbs for Landscaping Stone,Light Grey Granite Car Parking Stone,Landscaping Natural Stone, Garden Stone
  • G682 Granite Parking Stone,Yellow Granite Landscaping Natural Stone, Cheap Granite Garden Stone,Parking Stone Ball, Stone Parking Barriers,Polished Granite Parking Curbs
  • Granite Street Kerbs,Granite Street Curbstone,Sidewalk Granite Kerbstone,Grey Granite Kerbs,Straight Kerbs,Cheap Granite Kerbstone,Chinese Granite Kerbstone, G684 Granite Curbstone,Absolute Granite
  • G682 Cube Stone Pattern,Cube Stone on Mesh,China Yellow Granite Outdoor Floor Covering Natural Surface Cube Stone, Exterior Pattern Paving Sets, Garden Decoration Walkway Pavers, Landscaping Pavers

Contact Details

Abigale Li
  • Telephone:+86-0592-5714287
  • Fax No:
  • Mobile:86-15980760578
  • Company Address
    Zhongtai Industial Distric,Shijing town,fujian

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